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Before Buying Cetirizine HCL

Cetirizine HCL is a second generation antihistamine. It isavailable over-the-counter and as a brand name. It is used for:

  • Treatingseasonal and perennial allergic rhinitis.
  •  Treating chronic urticaria that isn’t due tochronic idiopathic urticarial.
  • Treatingallergic skin rashes such as hives or urticaria.

You can also use Cetirizine HCL in treating conjunctivitis,rhinorrhea and tightening of the airways. It prevents the action of histamine,a natural substance produced by the body when it reacts with allergens. Thisallergic substance acts on the histamine receptor causing allergicreactions.  In hay fever, histaminecauses inflammation of the eyes, nose and airways which results in a runny,watery and itchy nose. Cetirizine HCL blocks the production of histamine. Itusually works within half an hour after intake.

Why Buy Cetirizine HCL?

Cetirizine HCL, as a second-generation antihistamine produces less drowsiness. It is non-sedating than other antihistamine drugs. It last longer too so you only have to take them once a day. You can buy Cetirizine HCL without a prescription from your doctor and in a smaller pack.  The generic Cetirizine HCL cost less than the branded ones like Benadryl and Zirtek. You can Buy Cetirizine Here.

How to use Cetirizine HCL?

Cetirizine HCL comes in various forms and doses which includechewable, tablet, capsule and syrup. The usual recommended dose is 1 tabletonce a day, usually 5mg to 10mg. Adults and children 6 years of age and abovecan take the tablet and capsule form. Children below 2 years of age can takethe syrup form. Do not take more than 10mg in 24 hours. If your allergy ismild, take 5mg once a day. For the chewable tablet, chew the tablet well andswallow. For the rapid-dissolving tablet, dissolve the tablet on the tonguefirst before swallowing. Take this medication exactly as prescribed. Do not usemore than the recommended dose. If symptoms persist, consult with yourphysician right away.

Things to Remember

  • If yourhives last more than 6 weeks even under medication, get medical help rightaway.
  • Do notuse this medication as a substitute for epinephrine in treating anaphylaxis.
  • Studieshave shown that Cetirizine HCL has no adverse effects on the fetus.
  • Infantswho are at least 6 months of age can use this medication.
  • Patientswith kidney and liver problem must consult first with their doctor before usingthis medication.
  • Avoidconsuming alcoholic beverages when under medication. Mixing alcohol with CetirizineHCL can make you less alert and may cause drowsiness