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Lisinopril is prescription Angiotensin Converting Enzyme inhibitors or ACE inhibitor. Your doctor will prescribe Lisinopril for one of the following reasons: Your blood pressure is too high You have had a heart attack or myocardial infarction that may make your heart weak You have asymptomatic heart failure, a heart condition where your heart does not …


Imiquimod Cream is a topical prescription medication for the treatment of: Actinic keratosis on the face or scalp characterized by a scaly, flat growth on the skin from years of exposure to too much sun. A certain type of superficial basal cell carcinoma which is a type of skin cancer on the neck, arms, hand, …

Varenicline Tartrate

Varenicline Tartrate is a non-nicotine prescription tablet develop specifically to help people quit smoking. It helps smokers give up on smoking and is suitable for smokers 18 years and above. Smoking addiction is both psychological and physical. You become addicted the nicotine. When you smoke, the nicotine receptors in your brain quickly become switched on, …


Bicalutamide is a prescription film-coated medication used to: Treat locally advanced prostate cancer in men who are at high risk of disease progression. Used in combination with other medication to remove prostate gland Treat prostate cancer in men whose cancer has not spread and surgical operation is not possible Prostate cancer is men are often …


Ramipril is an angiotensin-converting enzyme or ACE inhibitor used to: Treat high blood pressure or hypertension Heart failure Prevent kidney failure due to diabetes and high blood pressure Reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack in patients who have a history stroke and heart disease, poor blood circulation, diabetes, decreased kidney function Improve the …


Levonorgestrel is an emergency contraceptive pill used by women to: Prevent emergency contraception within 72 hours after birth control failure or unprotected sex. It’s an emergency contraceptive and should not be used as a regular form of controlling birth. This emergency contraceptive pill is commonly called the morning pill used as backed up contraception to …


Nifedipine is a prescription calcium channel blocker used for: Lowering the blood pressure Prevention of rapid heart rhythm episodes Preventing angina pectoris or chest pain attack due to an increased workload of the heart or spasm of the coronary arteries The short-acting tablet is used for: Treating Raynaud’s phenomenon, a condition where the blood vessels …


Spironolactone is a prescription potassium-sparing diuretic primarily used for: Removing excess fluid in the body due to congestive heart failure Removing fluid retention (edema) in the liver and abdominal cavity Treating nephrotic syndrome, inflammation of the kidney from too much fluid in the body which causes weight gain, swelling and high blood pressure Counteract the …


Captopril is an anti-hypertensive medication used for: Lowering the blood pressure Treating heart failure Reduce the risk of heart failure and improve survival after a heart attack among patients with left ventricular hypertrophy Treating kidney disease among patients with diabetes type 1 and retinopathy, a type of eye disease Treating kidney disease in people with …


Metronidazole is an antibiotic prescribed to treat protozoan and bacterial infections like: Infections that occur in the gastrointestinal tract or reproductive systems like trichomoniasis and amebiasis Pelvic inflammatory disease Dental and gum infections like ulcerative gingivitis and tooth abscesses Bowel infection due to Clostridium difficile bacteria Bone infection known as osteomyelitis A serious form of …

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