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Payment Options

After checking out from your card you will get the following payment option to choose from.

Credit card

The most common and default checkout, you need only fill your credit card information and you’re done. However, you should note that we only take visa cards for the time being.


A new form of digital payment that is gaining a lot of momentum. we are currently working to give you detailed overview on how to make a payment using bitcoins for those who are new to it (coming soon)
For those who have a bitcoin wallet and bitcoins available – you can simply checkout and pay with your bitcoin it’s all integrated and very easy to use.



Rx2Go.Com accepts payment via eCheck for USA customers. ( currently offline )

To use the e-checks please checkout and chose e-checks you will see a short animation giving you further instructions.  ( currently offline )

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Free Shipping

Express Mail
Received within 7 to 10 business days with tracking number.

Registered Air Mail
Received within 15 to 21 business days. Signature is required.

Free Shipping

Express Mail
25$ flat rate per order regardless of quantity.

Registered Air Mail
15$ flat rate regardless of quantity.