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Shipping Information

Rx 2 Go Pharmacy provides flexible and affordable shipping of your medications – below you will see all relevant information concerning our shipping and policies.

Our Shipping Methods & Average Delivery Times

Registered Air Mail18-21 Business Days Tracking Number Included( basic information)
Express (EMS) Shipping11-15 Business Days
Tracking Number Included


Estimated Shipping Rates

Below are our shipping rates, please note we have lower our cost for both express and registered mail new and old rates are showed below

Registered Air MailExpress ( EMS )
Average of 30-90 Pills
1 Bottle, Tube or Inhaler
Old rate – $18.75
New flat rate – $20
Old rate – $39.00
New flat rate – $30
Average of 90-180 Pills
2-3 Bottles, Tubes or Inhalers
Old rate – $22.75
New flat rate – $20
Old rate – $44.00
New flat rate – $30
Average of 180-360 Pills
3-5 Bottles, Tubes or Inhalers
Old rate – $34.75
New flat rate – $20
Old rate – $53.00
New flat rate – $30
More Than 360 PillsOld rate – $68.00
New flat rate – $20
Old rate – $99.00
New flat rate – $30


EMS Shipping Countries

Below is a list of Countries that are eligible to select EMS Shipping.

Cayman Islands
Hong Kong
Korea, Republic of
Tanzania, United Republic of
United Kingdom
United States


Rx 2 Go Shipping Policies

  • We ship prescription drugs or medications (e.g. tramadol, gabapentin, armodafinil, modafinil, tizanidine, sildenafil, tadalafil etc.) from our distribution center based in Mumbai, India – delivery rates vary from 18-21 business days for registered mail and 10-14 business days for express
  • Please note we do not process orders on Weekends and Holidays
  • We will process and ship orders to a P.O. BOX in USA, however we cannot accept any A.P.O’s
  • Please allow 24 to 48 hours after the order was billed  to check your tracking number.
  • In case you get contacted by our payment processor by email  for verification simply reply to them  ” please proceed with the transaction ”  if they call you – simply say the same thing over the phone  – Note this can create 1-5 days delays and is only needed for new customer on their first order
  • If the shipping information is wrong, we will still issue a refund however you will lose the shipping cost and we will reserve the right not to accept any future orders from your email id/ credit card/address. Please double check your information before placing any order.
  • Large orders (defined as any order that does not fit in a standard envelope) may be split into 2 or more smaller package – those will be shipped in interval of 24h so you might not get all your order in one package on the same day. This was decided based on our feedback from customs and to insure you get your order. Please note we will not charge you for any additional package we need to ship for larger quantities and as always all packages will be traceable.
  • If there is a mismatch of billing and shipping address, like shipping to USA billed to a difference country, we might flag your order manually and request id prof, you might just go ahead and email us ID proof right after placing the order to avoid any delays.
  • We do not ship to any conflict country or war zones – since this is list may change, we will go on a case by case. If you place an order successfully but we deemed your country as not safe we will simple refund you and email you explaining our reasons. As a rule of thumb if you are reading this and got a visa card you are probably fine.
  • If your order takes over the max allowed time for delivery – please wait an additional 7 days. after that we will either reship the whole order with a bonus or give you a full refund. Depending on what you want us to do .
  • Depending on the products we might have two or more suppliers/manufactured for the same medication, therefore we reserve the right to fill your order with the available stock – this will of course be covered under our full refund policy if you are not satisfied with the product.


FREE Shipping on Express and Registered mail for Select Products

Please note that we have a large number of medications that offer either free registered shipping or free express shipping – if you combine any products with free regular or free express all your products will be upgraded to the better shipping type , in other words we extend our free shipping to any other products in your cart provided only one of them offer some type of free shipping.