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Sildenafil (Viagra): To Treat Both ED and PAH

Sildenafil is a Generic drug. Brand Name is Viagra, Revantio. It is an over the counter type of drug. Viagra is also known as vitamin V. Called at times the blue pill or blue diamond. Treating both ED and PAH. Very helpful for resolving problem of sexual dysfunction in men . In women’s, drug also treats FSAD. But It is moderately effective. It is also seen that the above drug is useful in treating diabetes or in depression. But it is required to take some trials to confirm the results.


Sildenafil Mechanism

It helps  to dilate pulmonary vessel in case of PAH. It also acts as inhibitor of PDES present in all over the body. It reduces the smooth muscle of vessel and increase blood flow. It also reduces PAH.

BENEFITS of Sildenafil:

  1. It show very good results in the treatment of ED in men.
  2. It is also helpful in the treatment of (PAH) heart and lung condition.
  3. It relaxes and dilates blood vessels in lungs .This reduces BP in lungs and helps to exercise . Both men and women can take this drug to treat PAH.
  4. There is no evidence to show harm to unborn baby  in pregnancy .
  5. Some athletes use it to increase exercise capacity.
  6. It may raise the chances of pregnancy in certain group of women by increasing blood flow to uterus.
  7. Research is on to check that it may also help to keep insulin and sugar level balance in diabetes patient.
  8. It helps curing women’s sexual problems like loss of sensation, lubrication after menopause
  9. It is safe to treat premature babies lung and heart problems with this drug.
  10. It also helps treat jet lag recovery in hamster.


Drawbacks of Sildenafil:

  1. Breast feeding should try to avoid it or take with doctor’s prescription.
  2. No confirm proof shows that it is safe in pregnancy.
  3. Some other common side effects like Stuffy nose, Headaches, Upset stomach, Nausea, Diarrhea, Back pain, Loss of hearing, Unable to distinguish colors green and blue and Dizziness.
  4. Patient with sickle cell anemia are at a risk of complication.
  5. Do not take it with other similar medication.
  6. Should not drink alcohol.

Sildenafil sub-100mg

Sildenafil Dosages:

It is available in following strength.

20mg. 25mg ,50mg ,100mg , 10mg/12.5mL,10mg/mL.

But ideally  take  100mg for men with ED or as  per doctors suggest.


Sildenafil (Viagra) increases  erection quality, excitement levels and sexual satisfaction. It accounts for 92% of total ED pills. It is most effective in ED. Overall we can say that treatment with above drug is well tolerated. It show low incidence of adverse effects, less than 3 % of patients.