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Valsartan is a prescription medication used alone or in combination with other medication to:

  • Reduce high blood pressure in adults and children aged 6 to 18 years of age.
  • Treat adults with a poorly functioning heart as a result of a recent heart attack.
  • Treat heart failure in adults when ACE inhibitor medications do not work or in addition to ACE inhibitor if beta-blockers are not suitable.

Valsartan works by blocking angiotensin II receptors in the body. Angiotensin II is involve in fluid balance and regulating the blood pressure in the body It causes the blood vessels to become narrow and the kidney to retain salt and water.

Blocking these receptors widen the peripheral blood vessels allowing the blood to flow freely into the heart. It also increases the amount of fluid removal from the blood by the kidney. This lessens the resistance and pressure in the blood vessels so the heart won’t have to pump blood hard around the body.

Why Buy Valsartan?

Valsartan is FDA-approved for medical use since 1996. It is prescribed for people with heart failure and those who have had a heart attack. Valsartan reduces the work load of the heart and has been shown to improve survival in patients who have had a heart attack.

Valsartan is sold under various trade names and as a generic version. The generic name is cheaper compared with brand names. Valsartan is ranked as the 92nd most prescribed medication in the US with more than 8 million prescriptions. Valsartan is Available here.

How to Take Valsartan?

Valsartan comes in a tablet form that you need to take by mouth. Your dose and duration of treatment depends on your condition. For the treatment of high blood pressure, the typical dose is one tablet once a day. For patients with a heart failure or who have had a recent heart attack, take Valsartan two times a day.

Take Valsartan exactly as directed. Do not take more or less than the required dose. Swallow the tablet whole. You can take it with or without food.

Things to Remember

  • You may need to take Valsartan for a long-term to help control you condition.
  • Valsartan may cause weariness and dizziness due to the lowering blood pressure effects. To help relieve the side effects, lay down until the symptoms subside.
  • Check you potassium level of your blood from time to time.
  • Do not use Valsartan in combination with ACE inhibitor and beta-blockers medication if you are using it to treat heart failure.
  • Use Valsartan with care if you:
    • Have a severe heart failure
    • Have a mild to moderately decreased liver function
    • have heart valve problems
    • Have had a kidney transplant
    • Are having a dialysis
    • Have a low fluid volume in the body due to diuretic therapy
  • Do not use Valsartan if you:
    • Are pregnant or breastfeeding

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