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What is ED Trial Pack?

ED trial pack gives you the chance to try erectile dysfunctionmedication if you are unsure of which product works best for you. This trialpack contains 4 tablets of the recommended starting dose for each of the EDproducts: Cialis (10mg), Levitra (10 mg) and Viagra (50 mg).

The generic Cialis contains Tadalafil. The generic Viagra contains Sildenafil while the generic Levitra contains Vardenafil as their active ingredients. The effects of both the brand names and the generic versions are the same. However, you can buy the generic version of ED trial pack at a cheaper price compared to the brand names.

Why buy ED Trial Pack?

ED Trial pack is designed for patients with erectiledysfunction who are unsure for which ED products works for them. Erectiledysfunction is a common issue among men. It is characterized by the inability ofmen to achieve and maintain an erection. Although ED is not that hard todescribe but getting rid of erectile dysfunction has become men’s highestpriority. Generally, men have ideas about ED medications. However, it becomes acomplicated task for them in choosing the right erectile dysfunction products. WithED trial pack, you can have varieties of erectile dysfunction medication in onepurchase. You can choose the right product for your condition and then use itas long as you want.

How to take ED Trial pack?

ED trial pack is suited for males 18 years of age and above.Those who are below 18 are not allowed to take these drugs. Take only one typeof drug at a time before you take another ED drug in the pack. Take one tabletan hour before sexual activity. Remember that these drugs only work if you are sexuallymotivated. Do not take two drugs within 24 hours. If you are finished with onetype of erectile dysfunction drug, wait at least 48 hours before switching toanother type. Take the drug on a need basis only. The duration of effect ofViagra and Levitra can last up to 4 hours. The duration of effect of Cialis canlast up to 36 hours.

Things to Remember When Using EDTrial pack

  • EDdrugs may cause side effects like nausea, headache, backache and congestednose. However, these symptoms do not last long. They generally disappear within48 hours.
  • Thegeneric price of ED drug is a lot cheaper than the branded counterpart due tothe hefty budget pharmaceutical companies allot on their research anddevelopment.
  • All EDdrug should be taken on a need basis only. Do not consume it along with alcoholto avoid interactions that may lead to adverse side effects.
  • Pregnantwomen must not take any ED drug.

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